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*Pre-Order "Love will tear us apart" Enamel Pin Set


"Love will tear us apart" enamel pin set! This is my original logo anatomical heart design heart drawn by artist Kelly Durette broken in half! Have you ever been in love and had your heart broken? Do you love someone you want to give your heart to? Or are you just a fan of the song? Whatever your reason- this pin set is for you!!

This set comes with 2 pins. Each pins has 2 backs on it. 2 backs on a pin is great because it secures the pin in the exact place you want it and it is less likely to get lost.

*This pin set is a PRE-ORDER item. This means I do not have this item in stock and it will not be ready to ship for 3-4 weeks after your purchase date. Your entire order will ship together, so if you have multiple items on one order you will be receiving them all in one package. You will receive an email confirming your order once it is placed on my website and then you will receive another email once the shipping label has printed and the item has shipped. This email will have your tracking information on it.

  • Love will tear us apart 70%