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Medical Career Advice Sessions


This will be a 1/2 hour, one on one Skype, Face Time, phone call or email session with me. This is not just for people who want to work in pathology, but for anyone who is looking into going into the field of medicine. These sessions are great for high school students or older adults trying to further their education but do not know where to get started.
After you purchase your career advice session, please email me: iheartautopsyllc@gmail.com and we will schedule your session. Please keep in mind I am in eastern time zone when scheduling.
You have a half hour for your session. Use that half hour wisely. Do not be late. I will not extend your time slot. Come prepared with any questions and information you have for me to utilize your time well.
Sessions are non-refundable. After your session I will send you an email of a summary of our session.

All information discussed in career advice sessions are based on my experience working in medicine for over 17 years. This advice is in no way a guarantee of your placement in a university or a job, but simply advice on steps to get there. These career advice sessions are great for any person who is interested in working in any field of medicine regardless of age, income or previous education. I am only familiar with careers and education in the medical field within the United States of America, therefore I can not give advice to international followers sorry.

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